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About Us


We are a husband and wife team and a family-strong, community-friendly business. We are proud to be servicing three generations of families (of all definitions) in Northwest Indiana. Like YOU, we do not fit into a small label that identifies all that we are. We ARE NOT your average Wealth Management Office. We ARE providers of unique financial solutions.


We believe for a community to thrive, its members must be strong and help each other to be stronger. Each of us have a gift or expertise that we are able to share with others. We believe that our purpose in the community is to share our knowledge and to empower its members to be financially informed. We feel we are advocates for our clients and that EACH client is a unique person who deserves to be known before he/she is advised. We believe that financial services are a crucial part of each person’s life. Too often we are thrown information or provided a “blanket response” without being seen. We believe EVERYONE deserves the right to be heard and informed. We believe everyone is worthy of Wealth Management. We all have our own definition of wealth…and we BELIEVE in yours.


WHAT we do may vary depending on the need. HOW we do it stays consistent at MWM. Depending on your needs, we will meet with you or discuss your needs over the phone. If it is determined after an initial consultation that you would like to work with us and we can add value to your situation, we develop a goal plan. We will collect a priority list of needs, determine the resources that are available and others to acquire. We will also identify any additional concerns we see from a holistic view of your overall situation. We then devise a course of action with multiple alternatives for you to review. YOU decide which best works for you and we help you implement that plan of action.