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Estate Planning


An Estate defined is all the money and property owned by a particular person, especially at death.

A Legacy defined is a gift by will especially of money or other personal property : BEQUEST.

Don’t leave an ESTATE. Leave a LEGACY. No one intends to leave their family the headache, court dates, and probate often associated with an unexpected passing of a loved one that did not plan for this final transition of life. Estates are often results of required state administration due to a lack of simple planning techniques. What you do or do not know about estate planning can hurt you and your family. This is an important financial step for everyone that has a family, loved ones, or a charity. The myth that this type of planning is only for the super wealthy and can only be accomplished with an expensive trust and sophisticated estate planning is false. At MWM. we are trying to lift this veil, and help ALL our clients create a LEGACY for their family by completing some basic estate planning for an affordable price.

Although we do provide Estate Administration services, it is costly, time consuming, and emotionally exhausting for all involved. Instead, we focus on providing our clients insight concerning their current situation and explain how to accomplish a state compliant transfer of assets to their family in the easiest and least expensive way possible. All required documentation, notory, and filing is handled right here at MWM with the supervision of our attorney. We try to make a daunting process simple and allow our clients to create a legacy for their families instead of a mess.

Everyone’s situation is different, but we have found some consistent themes in Middle America when it comes to Estate Planning. For example, if your house is your largest asset and you want to exclude that asset from your estate to avoid a probate situation for your family, a trust may not be the answer. Unless your financial situation is extraordinarily complex, or contains numerous directives…a trust may be overkill for your situation. You could accomplish your intent with a simple T.O.D.D with MWM for a fraction of the cost. It is only for Indiana residents, but a perfect alternative solution that we offer to our clients instead of an expensive trust. This is just one example of an option that works as intended, but seldom used because it lost the popularity contest to the glitzy trust:)

Over the years, we have found that we frequently utilize certain estate planning tools more than others with our clients. We listed them on this page for your information, but we highly suggest you use a licensed attorney to formulate and execute a proper estate plan for your family. One size DOES NOT fit all in our financial world. We are experts in this type of planning and will assist you in creating a custom plan that is reviewed by our attorney. The first step is to call us and communicate your situation and your wishes. We will be listening.

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