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Long Term Care

Long term care (LTC) is a real HOT BUTTON right now, with the largest segment of our population beginning to require this type of care. Just think, by the time you reach age 65, the odds are a little better than 50% that you will require out-of-pocket long term care. Neither home health care or assisted facilities are cheap. Both will rapidly deplete the accounts of even the most diligent savers. LTC is an unsolved problem for the majority of all Americans and most people have no plan for themselves or their family. We all know someone that has experienced a nightmare when attempting to navigate this ordeal for a member of their family, or a friend. It can be intimidating for all involved, but when it’s medically necessary there are not many options. So either you planned, saved and protected; or you need to get some help quickly. Wherever you are in this situation, our firm has the experience and expertise to deal with all facets of this phase of life. From negotiating facility billing to applying for medicaid to creating a strategy to help your family save time and money…we can show you how to get a handle on the situation and at the very least understand ALL your available options. We also incorporate the assistance of our licensed attorney to ensure all our resources are put to work for you and your family.