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Wealth Health Radio Show

About the Show

Join Joe Murphy, host of Wealth Health Radio and CEO of Murphy Wealth Management for real talk and easy-to-follow discussions on all things that affect your retirement and financial future. Each week, Joe and his guests reveal the latest developments in the financial world to keep you informed of changes that may affect your finances, while sharing some common sense strategies to help you make the most out of your retirement savings. We are focused on helping investors preserve and grow their assets, increase their income/cash flow, and reduce their overall tax burden. 

Joe brings his 20 plus years experience with relatable stories and special guests to WIND 560AM every Sunday at noon cst. 

To listen to the radio show on Sundays at noon cst: Wealth Health Radio on WIND 560AM

Questions for the show? Please call the studio: (800) 930-5905 or email us: