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We hope everyone is having a fantastic start to 2021! Tax season is here and we look forward to completing your annual income tax filing. A warm welcome back to all our existing clients and we are excited to meet our newcomers. You will soon see what sets us apart from other tax firms. Everything you need to know to get started with MWM is listed below. If you do not see what you are looking for, please call our office for information.


There is only one Amber F Murphy, so our tax prep service is very limited. Professional tax preparation takes time. If you are looking for rapid, fast, quick...there are other tax firms that handle speed. Enrolled Agents are tax code experts. Their job is to utilize the tax code to benefit your unique situation. There is no cookie-cutter application or generic software at Murphy Wealth Management. A true tax professional will complete your return, not a part-time employee hired for data entry.

Step 1: Call or email our office to check availability to book your tax appointment. We will confirm the day and time of your tax appointment via email, so you can add to your calendar. Included in email will be our Letter of Engagement, which you will print, sign and return with your tax documents. Again, space is limited so please contact us for open dates/times before sending your documents.

Valparaiso Office: 219-510-5069


Step 2: DOCUMENTS- Please review our Tax Document Checklist and Client Tax Organizer.  Print and complete applicable sections and send to us with your documents.

Tax Document Checklist: Please confirm your tax documents by checking line next to document description.

Client Tax Organizer: Please complete all applicable sections. Once your appointment is confirmed via email, it will include instructions on how to securely deliver your tax documents, Letter of Engagement, and completed Tax Checklist/Tax Organizer to our firm. Please send all the documents at one time! Make sure you have received everything before you send. Do not send one at a time, or you may trigger a migraine! We take security VERY seriously.

A few convenient ways to send us your docs: *Updated January 2021*

1) CONTACTLESS drop off at our office. Please contact us in advance and we will arrange a contactless drop off of your documents either inside the office or at our side entrance vestibule. You may use our SECURE drop box inside the front entrance of our building to the left of our main office interior door. If you choose to use the SECURE drop box, please do provide your documents in a sealed envelope and inform us so we may review and confirm receipt of you information.

2) You may mail to our office. Please use a trackable delivery service and mail to: MWM Tax Services, 334 W US Hwy 30, Suite A Valparaiso, IN 46385.

3) Fax: (844) 410-9363 Please include a cover page with your contact info. This is also a secure fax line.

4) Verifyle Encrypted Document Upload: If you would like to upload your documents via Verifyle, our complimentary Digital Client Portal, please let us know and we will send you an email invitation to complete setup of your private account. Additional instructions can be provided as well to walk you through the user-friendly process.

Step 3: PRICING- Our pricing remains at or below our 2020 rates for all returns. We may independently choose to provide discounts for existing and new clients based on factors such as simplicity of returns, combination of multiple returns or service member status.

2020 Tax Year Fees

$250 and up: Federal 1040 + 1 State (additional States $30.00/$50.00) 

Includes 1 full annual interview + required follow ups via email/phone, tax return preparation, e-file transmittal, filing fees for Fed +1 state, client copy of return provided in a choice of hard copy or electronic format.  *Existing client discounts may apply - see me with questions

$50.00: Contactless Document Pickup Service for Clients who are not able to leave the home:  We have suspended all in-home full interviews until the danger of transmission is over. However, we understand there may be extreme circumstances where someone has no other option other than home pickup for documents. The $50.00 pickup fee will include local pickups in Valparaiso and general area. There may be a mileage cost for long distance needs or we may walk you through arranging a delivery service pickup from your home.

$300 and up: Federal + Sch. A + State

(Itemized Deduction digging, analysis and filing)

$400 and up: Federal + Sch. C + State    

(includes sole proprietors & single-member LLCs)

$50 and up: Additional Schedules

$50: Schedule (D)  Stock sales / Capital Gains Calculation reporting

$50 per: Schedule (E)  All rental property owned by (a) person(s) - $ per property

$30: Additional State Returns (Stand Alone State returns are quoted and if a new setup, $50.00)                   

$500 and up: Business Returns  (includes LLCs, S & C corps, Partnerships, Solo LLCs / S-Corps being Reported on 1040 Schedule C etc.)

Inquire: Other (Amendments, Planning, Quarterly services, IRS services, etc. )

These may be quoted, fee based or hourly depending on the service.

Step 4: TAX APPOINTMENT- Prior to filing your documents, Amber will complete one full interview via phone, video call or over question and answer email... whichever method you prefer. Existing clients that have had no changes in their financial or tax situations since last year can complete the pre-return interview quickly and choose to have the annual review after filing. Amber will discuss current situation and review strategies to implement for the following year. 

Tax Resources

Click on one of the categories below to find forms, explanations, and other tools to help you manage your taxes.

Tax Calendar

A list of important dates from the federal tax calendar

Tax Lady Forms

Downloadable forms from Amber

Tax Publications

A full set of downloadable publications from the IRS

Tax Rates

Tables to enable you to find your federal marginal income tax rate

This content is developed from sources believed to be providing accurate information. The information in this material is not intended as tax or legal advice. It may not be used for the purpose of avoiding any federal tax penalties. Please consult legal or tax professionals for specific information regarding your individual situation.